Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday's Tips-- Wednesday Eve - Lemon Grove-Beginners and Pa Research.

Tuesday's Tips-----  Wednesday Night  Beginners Assistance and Pa Research.

 Meeting starts at 6 Pm at Lemon Grove Library.  With new attendee's we will be covering some beginners tips and clues and more information on Pennsylvania Research.

Some urls to share for today are:
Index of Old Occupations  this site is very helpful for UK and Ireland Research

Family Roots and Heritage - Worldwide Family Network – Katagogi  World Family network I just found.

Obituary Depot - WorldWide Obituary Locator and Newspaper Directory  Very interesting site.

Redbook Funeral Directory :: The National Direcory of Morticians

And a site of sites to share.   The Original Genealogy Links - John's Barrel of Links


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