Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday's Thrifty Tips

Here are the two places to look for more information you may not be aware of.

You Write the News. Wiki-style news from locals, Breaking Local News and Events By Locals: Opinions, Reviews, News, Events and Local Area Information.

 This paper comes from Utah and it has much information in it. It is the Free Genealogy Newsline.

To learn more try Michael John Neill's Webinars.

They can be found at January Genealogy Webinars

 I am looking forward to the one on DeedMapper, since I have the program. It is 28 Jan.
 This information site is free but the Webinars have small fees.
 You can also find him on Facebook. Lots of great tips to help with research.
  When you get on you will see his other blogs. I like all of them.

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