Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday's Tips and Things You May Want to Read.

Tuesday's Tips and Things You May Want to Read.

 As the genealogical world is growing it seems in leaps and bounds the last few months I want to share some new places you may want to try and some ideas for your making genealogy easier for you.

 If your doing church research  and can not find them you may want to contact the head of the church affiliations and see what they have retained in their files.  Many kept their weekly bulletins and newsletters that have many names listed through out.  Thomas M. reminded me of this on his Facebook post this morning and I was using these sources recently with a friend, whom was not aware of these sources.

 Most major religious affiliations have a head source to contact.  I found many addresses in the books Ancestry printed some years back.  The Source, and Printed Sources.  This can be very helpful if a church or rectory burned and you think all the data is gone.

  Here is the one Thomas M. mentioned.   Lutheran Genealogy & Family Search

  Here is another place to search I found day before yesterday.

Family Roots and Heritage - Worldwide Family Network – Katagogi
   We are getting more sites with world connections which may take them a while to build but can be
   tremendously helpful to us in our search.
    Genealogy InTime Magazine

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