Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lancaster Co. Pennsylvania was Presented

Last night at the Lemon Grove Library a synopsis of the information available to do research in Lancaster Co. PA was given to an audience of 5. Two were new members we will look forward to seeing often.

They will be doing research in Ireland and Italy.  Welcome

With the map showing it was interesting to see how the dawn was showing on the faces of attendees as to how the size of the counties changed as the newer counties are developed.  {This concept applies to any place for research and development of that  specific area, including Italy and Ireland.}

 Timelines, really help and knowing the time when the boundaries changed.  Already we are seeing three counties as a place of research for just one early county (the parent county).

This county will be divided more later during presentations. Showing you will actually have five counties to research depending on your time frame to look for answers.  Some counties have as the state is developed more than that.

I briefly touched on the fact we were talking about the area on the Maryland border which was also disputed as to where their boundary stopped.  Records along this border can be found in either PA or Maryland for research and sometimes both places.

Books to consider using for good research in Pennsylvania are:
Pennsylvania Genealogical Research by George K Schweitzer, Ph. D. Sc. D.
 The Pennsylvania Line by Iscrupes.
The Handy Book for Genealogists by Everton Press
 And any local history book written to promote their own region and many are on line to be read and in state and historical libraries.

Web site to use would be and go to county your wanting information on and enjoy.
LDS.ORG a Family History Research site and other sites mentioned by Google.

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