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Saturday's Adventure Dr. Thomas Jones

Saturday's Adventure   Dr. Thomas Jones

Can you believe another JONES, alas I did not get to meet him, since I carry five Jones lines I was curious to whom is lineage from.

He gave an interesting talk on the JONES name but I had already used his method to resolve a Huffman same name conflict.  His method is accurate it does work or at least it did for me in 1993.

I liked that he stressed you have to think outside the box.  If they are not there, maybe there weren't there or  maybe they are listed different, I was amazed that the boundary changes weren't brought up to help cause the confusion of where they may have lived. Especially in early genealogy's research the boundaries for counties were in flux for quite some time.

He stressed many points very clearly and concisely. You check family first &  neighbors second.
Families means all descendants of that family not just your ancestor. You also then check all of their children for more clues.  I can say it works because I did that to find my distant cousin in PA and in NY.

No, I have not solved all the problems but I am farther along than I would have been by not reaching out.

I am constantly sending pleas for any one related to that line to respond.

You have to remember the language(Brogue) may change how a word is said or written. Literally, thousands of names were changed due to not understanding the word spoken. He also pointed out some deliberately changed names, we may never know why. Some are rather obvious when the 2nd wife is a county over & the third wife is three counties over.  We were humans then as today we just do not like to admit it at times

Check land records, probates, wills, court proceedings, orphans courts records, tax records, town council minutes etc.  Leave no stone unturned even if your not sure it is your stone.

In saying that he needs to add this site to his talk for people looking for some of the data he requested us to find. SAMPUBCO  It has been a super valuable aid for my research for New York.

Thank You sir for an informative day.

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