Monday, January 16, 2012

DeedMapper- Do you use it?

DeedMapper- Do you use it?

I purchased this some time back and am just now getting around to work with it.  Grandson got a newer
PC I can run it on hopefully.

 Do you know what it is?
 It helps you plot the land space for your ancestor.

 Direct Line Software - Home

It is a premier software program for working with old land records, especially those surveyed using metes and bounds.

At the link shown above is much data about this program.

 Since Dr. Thomas Jones said to check the neighbors for clues I thought I would bring up this software program than can help you determine more in your research.

 Another blogger  David Lambert wrote this about it for you to read.
Mapping your ancestors land with Deed Mapper Version 4.0 «

 As you know David Lambert is affiliated with New England Historical Genealogical Society.

  If you want more information just put "Deed Mapper" in google for information.

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