Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Paper or Plastic, No Maybe Digital

We are going to talk about how we preserve our data a bit today.  

We started with hand drawings of peoples places and faces.

We moved up to paintings 

We then went to early photography taken on glass

We then moved to a more modern convention daurogatypes?

We then had early Kodak Eastman films.

Eastman Kodak used to send to my Uncle a Camera's to try out and 
send back to main office to develop. It would come in big boxes.
Yes we are related to that family and he was chosen to try out the box style camera.

You had to put powder on a bar, plug it in somehow and hide in the box to set for the picture.
When ready he would say don't move.  Then POOOOF a flash from the bar would capture the pictures.

Wonder if Bob M knows which ones they were his Dad took. 
Sometimes it hurt your eyes and other times not so much.

My first camera was a Brownie.  It took great pictures. Actually better than some of those on the market today.
It was made by Kodak.

Dad had a cool 4 x 6 x8 Kodak Camera and it came with a spool type film you had to thread into the system.
The picture of MOM on the beach was taken with it.

Then the world started to spin and everytihing went quick and fast. 
Movie films of course came out. slides were avaiable. and the list goes on.

Today you may have a cell phone that takes pictures and some of them are better than some camera's.

WE have lots of paper data, book data, records data, 

Are you preserving it correctly or just setting in piles or folders ?

Our Modern? world has acid free, paper, ink, sleeves, folders and storage boxes for us to spend money on to salvage our data.

I definitely use acid free pencil and pens on photos,  One should never write on the picture unless it is the very edge and acid free.

For having family help identify people, I make copies on thumb drives and acid free paper and send to the Reunion groups to post that I can not attend to have them name more people not recognized in our ancient album.
Supplying them with lined paper and numbered pictures so that they are writing beside the picture not on it. 

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? If is sharing photos, with fellow family, I love it but hope there is permission and  people do not think I am stealing a photo.  I love to share and spread the news and photos.


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