Thursday, July 13, 2017

Do you follow an Archivist, maybe we Should?

So,"Do you follow an Archivist, maybe we should?"

Realizing I wrote a wee bit some time back about the Michigan Archives  and the things that they hold.  I really should have stated more about what Archives do and have available to  help genealogists and historians.

Melissa LeMaster Barker is on Facebook and really posts some excellent information that would help many people, to grasp where to look or at least think about looking or digging.

Since we have those stuck in Tennessee I thought it appropriate to write about the fact she posts news and information on her Facebook page almost daily and  some times many items of interest.

She writes a great blog post also.

Today on Facebook she has posted some very informative information for researchers to become wise to.

I love that some of the Tennessee Vital Records are being modernized. A local newspaper posted some of the data and she shared some on her Facebook page.

Hoping you all hop over to her Facebook page or to her blog and see what she is sharing and we should be learning.
She is a Certified Archives Manager at the Houston County, Tennessee Archives.

Thanks Thomas MacEntee for making me aware of her excellent assistance to genealogists and historians.  
Melissa Barker, I have hair Mom rescued from her Mom's hair brush. Mom clipped hair pieces from each of us and kept them in our baby books. I still have mine.
Thanks for the great articles you present.

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