Friday, July 7, 2017

Help for those still looking.

Today a cousin contacted me in need of help & advice.  The answer he needed was

 I am a very large user of the sites. whether it is or

 They were the early to go to sites, and in my esteemed opinion they still are some of the best to start  with especially if you are a beginner or novice.

 There are many, many free sites we can use.

 Yes some times we need to resort to a wee more help but then I grew up with books supplying the  census answers and ships lists records.

  Being amazed that all the books we have used in the past that the LDS Library didn't toss them  instead of  ceasing with the microfilm. I love the old way and the less costly way.

  Understanding it costs to much to replicate a film now so they are stopping but that is not a good        thing I fear. has cleaned up much of the error prone data thankfully. I am still major cautious  when I am using their sources.

 The other day I mentioned Facebook, wow did the reader ship go down.  I guess to many people are not aware of what Facebook is doing to help genealogists.  I love the individual sites for the various states and counties and forms of technical information.  The adoption areas to help find your lost family, 2 sites I am aware of, is very productive.

As I wandered through my to discuss or talk about topics I found a couple of good spots to share.

I followed this person for some time and then due to situations beyond my control had to back off.
But there in my work pile it was listed.

This is a very good article that should be considered for keeping,  places to look. She now has a different site to follow but that article is a keeper.

The above site should help those looking for records in Pennsylvania.
It triggered that maybe Kentucky may have the same type of site or source in their state archives.

This site may help some of you.

Of course this site as and place to learn new data and information, It is our Educational Blog for the society.

Also check various societies blogs for information that may be what you are looking for.

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