Sunday, July 16, 2017

More Questions?? Do You????

More Questions, Do You???

Do you follow various speakers in Genealogy in blogs, twitter or workshops?  Do you find them as informative as I do?

I attended a workshop put on by Thomas MacEntee yesterday at a reasonable fee.  I learned some though not what I was wanting to know.  I think it is great that 23 and will let us increase our tests with the full medical. Ordered a kit and Federal Government stopped the tests so we  only received the genealogical data.

When you are working within your family with adopted members with no medical pass down knowledge it can be very frightening at times. Been there done that. Grandson lived on breathing machine for several months as a very small child. His brother suffers horrid headaches and we don't know why.   Aware everyone goes through some of this, due to parent dying young and information not passed down and families not wanting to share for who knows why.

Anything I can do to make my descendants life better I feel is my obligation to do it.  There are so many things we can not do, they must do themselves to be solid stable adults.

Workshop yesterday revealed an interesting tidbit.  Did you know that if you dislike cilantro, it has a strong connection to your ancestry?  Some people it tastes so bad worse than soap, hereditary factor.
I like it, so it did not affect me that way but we have a married in family member that does not care for it at all.

Have you asked your cousins, distant or close about their medical background?  Has there been lots of Heart attacks, Kidney infections, Pneumonia, (sign of weak lungs), strokes or blood diseases?

We have had Heart attacks in the family as young as 26 shortly after the Civil War, we have had many that died from Diabetes, Pneumonia, Kidney failure (lots in family related to them body parts).

As adults have you made the younger generation aware of the ailments they should keep eyes open for?  What about the various Cancers that are out there?  Many totally curable if you catch them quick enough, sadly not all though.

Lost a cousin in 1995 at Scripts Greene with a fast moving brain cancer.  From time found to death was less than 4 weeks.  They did not see  it before that at all.

It was a very rare form of cancer.  Wonder if the hospital has more knowledge now?

Please take this seriously and share data with your family, close and distant.

Have a healthy great life.

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