Thursday, June 8, 2017

Updating Society Schedule and News Presented

 Ceasar Castro and I attended the Bonita Vista High School Senior Scholarships and Achievement Awards.
 We presented to Andrew Eide a Check for $300.  He was also given a letter to attend our June picnic  and share his talk with the society. What a great story he shared.
 We like to meet the recipients and their families when we can.
 We have not heard back yet. We hope he comes to the program if he can.

  Our very first recipient is completing her education and we are very proud of her. She was a Chula  Vista   High School Senior.

 Ceasar and Virginia Taylor  did the presentation for Alejandro Valdez, at San Ysidro High School
 for the first  place application. He will be tied up with college data that week and not able to attend  our event. But  he is welcome, and parents to come to another meeting so the society can get to meet  him.

 We want to say, "Thanks", to the members of our society that voted to help fund a second applicant  for assistance.

 We yearly fund for $500.  In the past we have done more but it takes community support to make  that happen.

  The community should know that members wanted to do the second place person and so we had a    vote which they approved unanimously. Then an individual member donated even more to make it to   $300. for the second presentation. Thank you member for your terrific donation.

   Our donation button on the webpage does work.  Amazing what $5 from a multi group of people
   can do to help others.

   Our annual scholarship program is the object of most of our fundraising efforts throughout the year. In an effort to introduce young people to the subject of genealogy, a genealogical essay competition is open to all graduating seniors of the Sweetwater Unified School District and the winners receive cash awards to help with their post high school efforts.
The purpose of the Society is to promote general interest in the related fields of Genealogy, History, and Heraldry by individual and group effort.
These shall include, but not be limited to:
• Encouraging the exchange of group information.
• Coordinating research activities.
• Educating members to assist others in research.
• Acquiring and organizing research materials.
• Acquisition of books, manuscripts, and materials for the Chula Vista Public Library.
Society members are available for assistance at the Chula Vista Civic Center main branch on most Wednesdays from 10 am - noon in the Family History section.

 The new Application is being completed and the same  topic will be presented next year.
We think it helps to have the younger generation some knowledge about Veterans.

21 June We will be presenting the first half of Tina Sansone's Presentation.  It covers all over the world for urls and search engines. This will be at the Lemon Grove Library. 6 to 7:50 pm  There will be some Tennessee data included, but not the major  topic

1 July will be the DVD which Denise Levenick has given permission for me to share. Bonita- Sunnyside Library 1 to 4 pm. Paper or Plastic , Preserving Keepsakes Workshop.

18 July will be discussing our own Genealogy.  Why are you doing it? What are your plans for it? Have you started writing about your family for future generations?

 This is because so many travel and we want you to be prepared at least a wee bit before we loose you, so your family is not totally confused, with what you leave behind for
them to sort through and preserve.

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