Sunday, June 18, 2017

Tracking your Ancestors----- Timelines, Census, Recorded Books.

  Tracking your Ancestors,  trusting you use: Timelines, Census, and Recorded Books.

 As I am from the old school, when census doesn't divulge information that work with a timeline,
 I like to go to published books.  Whether they are surnamed, autobiographies, or history books, they all carry data that genealogists should be using.

 If you are really stuck on computer research then remember to go back to the early computer records shared with society;,,, and others.

 Remember NARA, Library of Congress Records, Military Records, Medical Records both military and civilian.  Recently learning many states share a certain amount of medical data I was not aware of.

Of course Mortuary Records, Land Records, Probate's, Wills, Birth Records, Marriage Records, Annulments, Divorces, written local histories, local newspapers, County records and newspapers.

Do not ignore the states records: look at State Records and Newspapers, State Archives, etc.  I love the State Archives for information.

We have many places to garner information. Bottom line is ask family members, near and far and unknown.

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