Saturday, June 17, 2017

Transcribed Bible Page GRAVES, John and Sarah


John Graves born 13th of October 1770

Sarah Graves  was born scratched out
the wife of John Graves
was born 4th of October 1772

We were married the
2 nd of J---- Sept 1791

Benjamin Graves born 
of John and Sarah Graves
was born March----
the 7th 1798

John Graves jr the son 
of John graves and sarah
was born august 21 1790

Ellender Graves was born
9th of April 1795.

Margaret Graves born June
19th 1797

other side of line

Thomas Graves was 
born the 10th of March

Samuel Graves was born
July 15, 1802

Rebeccah Graves born
the 8th of November 1805  

Eliz ana Eliza was 
born July the 6th 1809

Susanna Graves
was born June 14?


Graves Bible page shown on previous entry. 

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