Saturday, June 10, 2017

Never Ending Resources and Programs

Never Ending Resources and Programs

Having learned one can find a new program or search engine on an almost daily basis, I am hoping
to present to you all some of them.

Tina Sansone's presentation mentioned sites I had forgotten about. O we mortals of the creatures of habit. We find it, we like it,we use it.  Something new comes along and we repeat the process.

How many of you have tried the We're Related application that is affiliated with Ancestry in some format.?

Today I was talking to a long time acquaintance regarding a web site.  I was talking about We're  affiliated with Ancestry.  She was talking about this site.

 Enough  to make you think.  Another one was sent me last week but this is enough for now.

You may want to check them out and see if there  is help to be had by using any of them.

 The We' application I get on my  phone and I-pad.

 Today I was able to confirm 4 matches that came in this past week. Never would my Uncle believe that General Patton was a 3rd cousin. My Uncle had the privilege of defending General Eisenhower for a nap, when  G P was going to interrupt it.  The end was the General E said, "Carry On, I am going to finish my nap." and GP had to wait until he was called to the General E's tent.

I am going to share this with him soon. Since he is still with us.

Learning there are many genealogical programs people use that most of us never hear about.
They also suit the needs of some peoples research better than others.

Marti Lewis uses a very neat program and I keep saying I want to try it.  Judy just shared another,
suspecting there may be as many as 10 to 15 depending on where you live.
Some of them are free, some of them are fee.

So I will let you play with the two mentioned above before we muddy the waters and talk about more of them.

O yes, We' finally agreed that Shirley Becker and I are cousins.  We also found 4 other lines we definitely link on.

Enjoy and tell me if it helps you.

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