Thursday, June 29, 2017

Genealogical Class Tonight at LDS LIbrary

We went to a Genealogical Class at LDS tonight to learn more about DNA and Genealogy.
It ended up being an extremely informative meeting and very educational to those who are not history buffs. One of the attendees I could spend hours talking to about History of old old times.

 What gracious people they all were.  Of course, Shirley Becker and I have gone to this class before to learn something that was being discussed.

It brings into play what I have been talking about off and on all spring and now it is summer.

To do Genealogy justice one must learn a bit of history about the area you are researching.
You need to know the timeframe and what the boundaries were then, the people in charge and the
climate for knowledge at that time.

Was great to have them say Weather is a factor many times in our ancestors past. Shirley talked about people leaving Germany because it was so cold the birds were falling out of the sky frozen.

I know the Lemon Grove Library had a great history series on the WEATHER and when they remodeled the library those books disappeared I was working on the 2nd or 3rd one for our classes.

Library had no idea where they went or could not get them back.

An example would be I learned that people thought country people would perish faster than city people in the late 1700's early1800's.  But when an ice storm hit the north east coast, it was the people in the city that starved to death and froze to death because they relied on others supplying them with food, water, milk, heat and news.

People in the country were prepared and stocked  up on water inside, wood inside animals closed in buildings if possible and extra food and water supplied them. They survived twice as well as the NYC residents.  I never realized how much we were self supporting in rural life and I had lived it.

We read of ships about to dock at ports on east coast and storms shoving them back out to sea and people dying because of the situations. On many ports on the east coast, this was a almost common occurance.

Tonight the talk was on how a desert used to be an oasis and people left because the land no longer supported them.   I think that example happens in many places if we think about it.  The reverse is also true where there was no water and suddenly there is a lake or river and people had to adjust.

Marti Lewis and friends thanks so much for such a great evening of exposure to history and our genealogy of ancestors.

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