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Genealogy on Facebook, A few I use.
This web page I use for my YOUNG, WRIGHT, COOKE, COOK

As we did our workshop the other day and the last one two, people are still forgetting the data may change due to the time element.  Early America was only finally established 13 colonies.
But prior to that they were even less.  Much of Maine is in the early Mass. Records.  Also some of those records are in Canada or the UK.  

IE:  Jonathon WRIGHT b 24 Oct 1701  Essex, Mass.  died 25 Jan 1784  Hillsborough, NH
 son: Jesse Wright Sr b Pelham Mass, 19 Nov. 1749 d 1784 wife Abbey COOK/e
  his dau: Hannah Wright  b 11 Mar 1781 Lewiston, Androscoggin Co. ME.
  died 25 Dec 1863 Guilford, Piscataquis, Maine.

Job YOUNG Sr 1695 b York Village, York, Maine d 1850 York Village, York, Maine
m to Patience KING b 1701 Kittery, York, Maine, d 25 July 1790, York, York ,Maine
Job YOUNG  b 21 April 1739 York, York, Maine, d 13 June 1827 Belleisle, Annapolis, Nova Scotia, Canada, m Hannah BARNES  b 1745 Paradise, Annapolis, NS, Canada d Belleisle. N. S. Canada
son Abraham Dorrison YOUNG b Franklin  Co. Maine, 23  April 1812 d 9 June 1883 Nashua, Chickasaw Co. IA. USA. m Eliza Grover and 2nd, Hannah OEN/OWEN
dau Hannah m Calvin Fay JONES.

See the movement.

The Pentico/Benninghoff line actually moved about quite a bit also.
The wife's line is YOUNG but from Germany and to PA and so far not known if related to Maine /Mass Young, Probably not.
This name is multi spelt. Penticoff, Penticuff, Bennikuff, Penticoast, etc.
John's deed has five spelllings of his name in the deed.  Wish I could find the sales deed. This line is also found in Lehigh and other counties in PA. including Washington Co. PA.

 I have four proven Jones lines and the 5 is going to slide in I feel strongly about.   This is a great group that works with each other most of the time.  The more shared the more we learn to add or subtract.  Subtracting is as important as adding. It is summer, a couple local cousins migrate to Rhode Island and areas to dig more on our Teague Jones Family.  Thanks so much and so lucky you can live both places.

Teague Jones Sr. Mass. m to Rahamana.
Capt William Jones, Maryland daughter m Duvall.
Jones in Dauphin Co. PA m to Myers. MEYERS, MOYER.
JONES in Greene Co. PA from eastern PA may link to Capt William JONES
JONES in Greene Co. PA that relates to Renssealer Co. NY.

Ah, this is probably my most favorite site anywhere on line. Why because I have about 20 surnames that migrated through this county/PA and at least 10 stayed for part of the families.
I can communicate with cousins on an almost daily basis of any one of the downline family members.
I met many of them in 1993 and alas have lost many since but found more with the help of this site.

Nice to know I have things they need and they always share new things with me.  It fills in the blanks so much easier. It also tells me and our family more about these lines of ancestors.

The biggest thing about this group is it covers when it was Virginia up to current time.  Yes,
If you are looking early in Greene Co. PA you also need to look at Va records then you need to look at West Virginia Records and I have even found major data over in Monroe and surrounding areas of Ohio.

So learning the native ground and time frame is very important to assist you to find data.

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