Saturday, April 25, 2015

Reaching Out, Sharing and Caring Allen Family, Shaw Family. Pentico Family

Today, is here, in many places it is almost over.  It comes with many twisted thoughts of what life  brings.

Will be learning if surgery was successful on Wednesday, but preliminary says yes.  Wondering if rejoicing brings others pain.

We are blessed with a beautiful Daughter- in -law and now her family is feeling major pain and stress. We hope that Berry Tyler Allen is found soon.

 Her family member is missing. Having met most of her family and extended family I can feel the stress to a certain extent.  What if it was my own child or cousin or niece or nephew?

When we have blank spots in our genealogy is this what has happened to them?  They just have disappeared.  Reading a post today that stated a wife had run off 18 times in the 1830's is rather alarming to me.  Yes, that post was in my mailbox this am. Do not think it was kin. But as I find my cousins families and my 2nd and 3rd cousins families I grew up with we have had this happen on Mom's side in the last ten years. Only difference was it was of his own choosing and we do not know why.   We know his grieve was heavy and strong. I actually found him once and talked to him for a half hour. Then hoping he would stay in touch nope, did not happen.

I grew up with this person he is my age and we shared many adventures in life for many, many years but suddenly after his older brother died his grieve was strong and he was going to see his living Aunt.  He just disappeared 20 miles from his Aunt's home in Nebraska. He communicated with us from California all the way until arriving at her home.  He called at his last gas stop he was almost there.  Why did he not show up? What happened, we never learned anything?

My Great Grandfather went missing on Dad's side with a  load of wheat to Russia in the 1930's?
What is with people that just go missing?

We know that others can take them, drug them and cause everyone major pain.  Our world just is a crazy, crazy place.

The Earthquake in Canada yesterday was heavy but damage was not, so far we heard.  The earthquake in Nepal today is mind blowing for us on the outside looking in.

With our new guest from Sudan and the story that was shared, we need to be thankful for all that we have.

Some how we have to start paying attention to family more and the news and outside world less?
Maybe an hour a day of just chatting with family via phone or in person and not have on tv, radio or other distractions will help us pick up on a vibe that we missed.

I so loved the learning that the Indians did by sharing stories around a campfire and educating the children to learn of their past, so they would know how to face the future.

Some of that culture was passed down to us but we are not as observant of it as we should be I fear.

Yet, even reading stories of the Indian families lives there was a missing link ever so often.

To our extended Allen and Shaw families, our prayers and thoughts are with you.

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  1. Update: Tyler is found and safe! He is undergoing a medical exam in Boulder. We cannot express our gratitude for the outpouring of love & support from all of you. We will post more as soon as possible. Thank you!! xoxo

    Tyler Allen, missing University of Colorado student from Chicago, found, family says
    A missing University of Colorado student from suburban Western Springs has been found, according to family members.