Sunday, April 5, 2015

Randy Seaver sent us a challenge from Genea-Musings

Since he is challenging us to answer the questions on a blog called "Lonetester HQ",  I was wanting to pass this one so you do not miss it.

It should help with your timeline and flesh on the bones of your research.

The title is:  Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - The  "When I Was Young" Genea-Musing, Part 1.
This is only the first five questions of 25.

I will post my answers here.

1)  Do you (or your parents) have any memorabilia from when you were a baby? (ie. baby book, lock of hair, first shoes etc.)

 I have my baby book, lock of hair, baby cowboy boots and tons of pictures, since I was first born.  Very light blonde hair, my first shoes were boots. I actually learned to ride before I was walking both parents told me. Family has pictures of me on the horse with one of them and I had held the reins while the horse moved around.   I love horses.

2)  Do you know if you were named after anyone?
 Parents picked my name to be different, only to learn that in Grandma Foulk Jones family there was a Great Aunt Susan Flickinger.   tee hee hee

 Something about families just can't get away from family names.

3)  And do you know of any other names your parents might have named you?
 Yes, Dad wanted a boy first and I was it. Seems he almost always called me Pete.  If he called me on the phone and started with the name Pete, I knew I had to pack bag and get on plane or in car and head home.  Mom did not use it as much, she had other words to get my attention.
I miss hearing Pete, since he is gone. I have been called: Susan, Susie, Sue, and my name was to have been spelt Suzanne. Nurse made is Susan so I was always Suzie for normal conversation and SUSAN for irratated conversation.  But "PETE" meant my Dad needed me asap. Whether it was to bring him a hammer or a rope, or get myself home to assist.

I was sorta the original boy named Sue.

4)  What is your earliest memory?
 My mind worked in memory very early my parents said.  I remember I had a dog in Wyoming. I was under 3 years of age.
I remember when coming to California how my cousin and I went to the dam and we were in serious trouble. I was only almost 4.    

5) Did your parent/s (or older siblings) read, sing or tell stories to you? Do you remember any of these? 
My parents read, sang and always was sharing information about family.  My Dad made a table for me, when I was 4 so I could set and read and color at that table. My brother has the table, hoping I get it back one day. Dad painted it blue on top and yellow legs we always kept the same colors on it. Would love to give to one of my grandchildren for their children.

My Dad and Aunt would yodel often as did  her husband once in a while.  Those Swiss gene's were very obvious. When Grandma came to visit wow, could really hear them sing, yodel.

I grew up listening to the Candlelighters,  Bing Crosby, Sons of the Pioneers and my family played guitars, harmonicas, banjo's etc. 

Dad loved to tell about his trip from Iowa to Wyoming on the train and he was less than a year old but remembered vividly. He sat on his MOM's lap and would tell us of the key things he saw. Such as going over a railroad tressle over a river, the open prairie etc.  
Sad he never got back to Iowa to replicate the trip.   Grandma said he described it as it was and she was floored he could remember thought him way to small to do that.

I think for memory to work like that it has to be key ie almost traumatic type events.
Such as I went to the River with my dog, very very dangerous and everyone was upset.
Why it stuck probably because of the trauma or I maybe would not have remembered the dog.

I had a Mother Goose book large 2 " thick and big like full page of typing paper. That my parents and others read to me and my two cousins that lived next door.

Stories that impressed me were: Jack and Jill, Jack Spratt,  Old Woman in the Shoe.

No idea why.

Try this for your self, you may find it fun.

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  1. Susi, thanks for taking part in my geneameme. It's been great to read about everyone's early childhood experiences, so thankyou for sharing some of yours.

    I can't believe you knew how to ride a horse before walking ... that's phenomenal. And as for the yodeling, that would certainly be something memorable.
    - Alona (aka