Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Bring Your Brick Walls to Meeting. 6 to 7:50 pm Lemon Grove Library

You asked for a Brick Wall meeting, it is almost here.  If you know your coming and what Brick Wall you want to attack a note ahead of time would be nice but not necessary.

I can be reached at SusiCP@cox.net .  We will cover the basics and then get into the
gristle and muscle of digging for answers.

Having been constantly told the answer is in front of  your face and yet we never see it, when we share the Brick Wall with others many times the answer stares us in the face.

Let us hope that we all have some success and we will probably do this more often.

Also today having received this note about an acquaintances blog post, am sharing the
site for you to go read.    http://genealogysstar.blogspot.com/

Where do you store your stuff topic.  

See you Wednesday evening, tomorrow by 6 pm.  Lemon Grove Library. It is FREE.

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