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Mentioning something Dick EASTMAN wrote about last Fall. BACK UP DATA

Dick Eastman wrote an interesting article about DropBox and the troubles it was having last fall October 2014.   Dropbox Has Deleted a Bunch of User Files From the Cloud | Eastman

Why bring it up now, because in the last of November my Back Up system died. No warning, no reason why, just quit. Where it was purchased was asked to send  it out to see if data could be recovered.  They forgot to do it, when I showed them the paper we had agreed on and I had paid to have it done.  Because it was pre Christmas Holiday I just brought it home I did not want it lost.

I have three books started on it and some very important files.  I fortunately had another back up drive I had connected earlier in the Fall because, just because my tummy said so.
It did not have all the files I prayed it would.

I had used another program no longer accessible.   So I am happy some of my Genealogical Research is on a Cloud Program, where other  programs are not.

When one is technically challenged, you can make errors quickly without realizing it.

Did you read the article about the thumb drives the other day and the risk taken there also?

(+) How Long Does a Flash Drive Last?   Also by Dick Eastman

Some how as an old paper and pencil person, it still seems to be the best over all system, except for flood and fire.

Having lost probably 7 years of intense research I wanted to let all this blogs followers think about making sure they run a back up system for you Research Data and a blog that is stored in the Cloud.

I have Reunion on my Mac computer and I have MyHeritage on my computer, I have a tree on Ancestry. I had PAF  for Mac in the Beginning, wish I could open that old program it was the largest program I had  filled out for about 10 years.  I do have it on discs.

I have considered getting a mini computer PC  orientated so I can use Roots Magic.  What an awesome program that is.  I gave it to my family members with PC's.

20 years later and I am still stumbling around in Reunion. A distant cousin created that program long ago and I am thankful he did because we had MAC not PC and could not use FTM which my cousin had and used. I learned to do genealogy on her PC and FTM program so long ago in early 90's.
Then on PC's at LDS Library's.  I used MAC at the Schools and taught the children how to use them in the 70's yup so long ago.  like suitcases on a desk.  Could not afford one back then at all.

Having gone to the NGS in San Diego in 1995, is where I met up with Reunion creator.
I snapped it up because LDS kept saying PAF for MAC was going away not enough people using it.

That was a shame I could maneuver around in that program with out getting lost.

Enough rambling, but make sure you have some back up associated to what research you are doing and have done.  I do not care if it is a Thumbdrive with a tree, another for notes etc,   Disc, Back Up Drive, (which are not expensive like long ago).  I think the Cloud is a great way to go. Which means  choosing a program to back up your regular program that would be Cloud based.

I was able to attend various talks not lectures at Jamboree my first year to be aware of need of a quality and of ease to use program.  I had Reunion in 1995  started with  PAF for MAC, 1989, then, not a bad program, liked the ease of even better. Won an subscription to Ancestry and then put tree there.  I do most of my work on and

 I read what kin puts on, just do not comprehend what some people are doing there.
 Not sure I care at this point about 800 A D.

My goal was to get my surnames across the water and then fleshing them out if time permitted.
Fortunately, some lines are done by others and are accurate, some are done but definitely not accurate.  Each person I have entered I have verified each time at least 3 times solidly long before others created new guidelines.

On our Family webpages what Helen and I put up is documented well. What some other lines added
sharing their resources, we can not verify them it is up to them to do it. I recently learned at least four distant cousins systems are no longer viable or work.. A shame all that work is mote now.

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