Thursday, April 9, 2015

9 April 1865 The Civil War Ended ? ?

9 April 1865  the Civil War ended.  Yes on paper and in the battlefields it finally stopped. The blood shed was horrid.

Today historians still argue over whether it was about Slavery or Economics.  I have read books that tend to make it sound like both played a  major part in it happening.

Our Servicemen from the Military Academy had fought on both sides, many were excellent men of integrity.

Some families had fought on each side against each other. The loss was staggering to our peoples of the United States.  The payment by the men and women who served and children was staggering.

I hope you rang a bell at 3:15 eastern time to remember this event.

Not hearing bells in our area makes me think, the government here ignored it and went on in oblivion to the importance of remembering the fallen.

As you do your research, you may suddenly realize, moves were because of the War and the devastation it caused to that family unit.  Burned homes, destroyed fields and fences, not to mention the mangled bodies of the people involved in this War.

Every state was affected though many bury it and never think of it. Others are reminded of this War  often.

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