Thursday, March 5, 2015

Pennsylvania tidbit and other clues.

Today, wandering around trying to find a place that held a certain book of information I was looking for I stumbled across this really cool site.

Yes, again it is affiliated with Facebook. Also stands alone for use.
If you have Civil War ancestors, you need to go here, share here, and send the information on to other Pennsylvania Researchers.

I have 2 if not potentially five relatives from PA that served in the CW.  Having also 2 that served West Virginia unit because PA unit was full, those I will post there soon.

The pictures and names and information has to help many and if we continue to post our names, maybe they will have a thorough list of members of old.  

Having just finished reading "The Killing Angels" I was excited to see this site and place certain peoples in the right places.  It is a Historical Novel about the Battle of Gettysburg.

The Pennsylvania Reserve Volunteer Corp, is sponsored by the P.R.V.C. Historical Society
It lists units and members and many many pictures.

Needing to dig out my two great great Uncles pictures and my ancestors I have.

Did you know has complete books on their web pages?

This is just one.  I have enjoyed wandering around

Have you tried as a search engine?  another one to look at.  One I think I will try to wear out over time.  

It is also on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, 

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