Thursday, March 19, 2015

Genetic Ancestry, Lots to Absorb

I am excited to see this tidbit :

It is an article about the genetic mapping of the British Isles.**

I am hoping you all enjoy reading it even if we do not totally understand it.

But we know it is so interesting to learn.

Enjoy and share your comments

We do know many countries covered this ground over hundreds of years. Roman Empire,  Anglo-Saxon from Germany, Nordic peoples, Danish Vikings and others.

**correction says it covered the UK not the British Isles. But look at the maps etc.

It seems when I did the DNA talk at the meeting a couple years back they also had a good mapping of
whom was making up the background of various countries and races.

Then I worked with Family Tree DNA.

There are other tidbits on this page that should intrigue the reader also.
Steppe Migration regarding language origin, America's natives have European Roots,
Most Europeans share recent ancestors.

So go and see and read and learn.

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