Friday, March 13, 2015

Are You A Member Of NGS? Do you use Family Search?

HI, if your a member of NGS this is not news but they have been posting various webpages for us  to
look at and help us in our genealogy quests.

UpFront with NGS: 20 Free and (Relatively) New Genealogy and Family History Resources, Part 5

Yes, go to their page and gander at all the potential places you can look.

 Sorry I have not posted much but we have a very serious family situation we are working  with and pray God will help us with.

You can click back and see the other sites also.

Best Wishes for a Happy Spring into Easter.


Almost forgot to share that my dear friend blogged more Family Search sites also available.

FamilySearch Adds Over 2.2 Million Indexed Records & Images to Australia, Philippines, Slovakia, Ukraine, the USA & Zimbabwe

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