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Historical Societies, Do You Remember Them?

Historical Societies, Do You Remember Them?

If your area of research has a Genealogical Society, do you remember to check with the Historical Society?  Does the area have one? What does it hold?

I am learning many areas are letting the Historical Societies sort of disappear. I actually live in that type of community. Yet we have many Genealogical Societies to share.

We need to realize that the Historical Societies have the history of the area. There are artifacts, maps, pictures, stories and quilts and many other items to see and learn.

I found it interesting that Barbara Poole wrote about what she learned at a Historical Society.
Her blog is here and the Historical site is referenced there in

.Life From The Roots: Another Method in trying to Solve your Brick Wall

Working with a Genealogical and a Historical Society in western Pennsylvania, gave me
much insight to what I was in need of.  More recently learned an ancestor's cousins home was turned into a Historical Society in Somerset County, PA.  Surely my ancestor was in that home prior to his moving on west to Iowa.

Living in a very diverse community, we have the use of the various countries, being presented at Balboa Park, San Diego, CA.
San Diego History Center | Balboa Park

We are preparing to celebrate, actually we are celebrating an entire year of the park. The EXPO
San Diego History Center | Our City, Our Story

It has four main Collections. It has been awhile since I traveled through them but it takes more than a day to see them all.

Photograph Collection, Object Collection, Document Archives, and Journal of San Diego History.

Now that should peak any local genealogist to go see what is there, that may help them if they are doing local research.

What if your into Aviation Research, Automotive Research, Railroads, (they were our countries backbone for moving around,  once created) Cultural Center, Art, Hall of Champions, which includes many local high schools students of old.

It is worth the time taken and the rewards are many.  You may find an Uncle from WW2 or from other events at the Veterans Museum & Memorial Center.

100 years in the making and we were honoring the Panama Canal with our park.  That now holds so  much of our historical past and signs of what the future can bring.

I love the Aerospace Museum, even though it suffered serious damage many years ago and somethings never to be replaced.

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