Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Comments from a Distant Cousin Lisa Louise Cooke

Some years ago as Lisa Cooke was giving  a presentation I spotted some interesting names in her files on display.  At break I asked are those your family names? She said," yes" and then I said, "Hi, distant Cousin".

 Sharing that she wrote to me about blogging and how important it is for us to use it for our research.
It seems she has found a new venue, I am going to pull this out of her note to me.

I've mentioned Google's Blogger platform which is a free place to create your blog. But here's the newer hot place to be - particularly if you are interested in reason #2 above: Tumblr.

 Now we have something new we can play with.  She says it  is easy and looks real sharp. 
It seems it is something that the younger generation seems to really like which she hopes will help us pull in more unknown family relatives and information.  

She also mentions that writing a family narrative  helps to uncover gaps in our family stories.
She thinks our chldren and grandchildren will be more likely to read it.
And of course our all time favorite it is Google Cousin Bait.

So hope you wander over and click that link and see what it is all about.

Cousin Lisa, Hoping your well and the weather is good for you.  Maybe will get to see you at NGS.  

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