Monday, March 23, 2015

Have You Tried, a State Historical Society? IOWA

  I was delighted to have someone share this link with  me.  Having much relatives and ancestors in and from Iowa and wanting to bring this to your attention.

I wish to give full credit to those who credited and brought this information to light.

ISSN 0003-4827 No known copyright restrictions.

Recommended Citation Mott, David C.. "Early Iowa Newspapers." The Annals of Iowa 16 (1928), 161-221. Available at:

 This is just a segment of what they have: pages 161- 221 is regarding early Iowa Newspapers.
David C. Mott.

If you have Iowa Research it is highly recommended that you scout out the information that this url holds and the State Historical Society information on the state.

 It gives the history of many of the newspapers and the names of them and the times of existence. 

Hosted by Iowa Research Online

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