Monday, July 7, 2014

Reporting and Repeating Information Today

Today as I am wandering through the mail I found two very good pieces of information.

Being that we do not meet again for another week and wanting to share, this is the place.

Though this is brief, take the time and go read both of these pieces of information.

For old time researchers, the hint given can save us hours of grief with going
away and you may have posted notices and queries there.  No it is not leaving but it will no
longer be active. Thankfully they are saving the data and if you respond to it,  (Getting the last word in)
a link to information that may be needed in the future.

This was sent to  me by Judy Russell.  Please read      Getting the last word in

She states we have 85 days to act upon this, her comment, and save ourselves grieve in the future,
my comment.

This is one of the reasons I stayed with so long. I had all of 20 years of data posted under my name and I will be shutting it down soon. I can be reached at or

The other article was written by James Tanner.  It reinforced what I just sent to my cousin in regards to our research.

Where is the Mother?   This is not the 23rd Century where they may never know.

Sometimes we forget the very basic's of basics.

Genealogy's Star: Six of the Basic Rules of Genealogy

Did our ancestor forget to say he was raised by a stepmother, was that why he was adamant that
Betsey Blessinger was his MOM?

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