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5,000 White Slaves, Authorized in 1618

A quote from  page xi states: Kidnapping of children bound for America can be traced to a letter
dated  13 Jan 1618, from James 1, King of England, to Sir Thomas Smythe,  Governor of the
East Indies Company.

"Whereas our court hath of late been troubled by idle young people having no employment, we have thought fit to have you send them away to Virginia, that they may be set to work there, wherein
you shall do a deed of charity by employing them who otherwise will never be reclaimed from the idle life of vagabonds."(10)

19 August 1618 was the first ship of 100 boys and girls be sent to Virginia.  The constables were to walk the streets and collect them as they saw fit. Records say 75 boys and 25 "wenchs" were sent to Virginia. The three reported ships were: the Jonathan, the George, and the Neptune.

Seeing that this is immediately after the people for Roanoke were abandoned, I wonder, are these children of some of the adults whom disappeared,  or maybe family members of some of those now gone.

20  April 1619 another ship left with 100 from London and only about eighty survived.

The rules then got tougher and meaner. After a massacre at Jamestown and epidemic more children were brought to replace those lost to battle and disease. 1622.

The English Civil War brought the Scottish and then later it brought the Irish the same way by boat loads to the American colonies. After battles they salvaged the non dead and to weak and sent them in bondage to the colonies against their will. 150 went to New England and 900 went to Virginia.  1650 and then 1651 even more from other battles in England with the Scot's were shipped. The records say 8,000 to New England, Bermuda and Barbabados.

Cromwell's invasion of Ireland gave them 400 children from Ireland to be shipped to New England and Virginia. Sept 1653.

So remember whites were slaves also.  This book I purchased last spring gives names of persons, owners and dates of events taking place.  An Indenture is someone with a contract to pay their way. They were not part of this, that was completely different rules.

The Lost Colony Blog has dates, names and data of the people involved.  There is the Hattaras Group and the Lost Colony Group.  Remember white slaves were seen working the fields when the Captain of Jamestown was out looking in the neighborhood.

I am also curious about the data found on the river going up towards Virginia instead of down or inward. Since my names come from about where that water way ends.

Lost Colony Research Group  click here and scroll down on the right side for the list of names involved
in this adventure.

My Paine/Payne were in Halifax region early from ? my Scott the same way.  I also wonder if the Berry here and Jamestown and Mass are the same Berry families.

Remembering this book has 5,000 names of white slave children that most became citizens of the Colony.

Without Indentures: Index to White Slave Children in Colonial Court Records  
It covers Maryland and Virginia.
There are references to find names of those in New England in the book.

Written by Richard HAYES PHILLIPS, Ph. D.

Printed Genealogical Publishing Company.2013

Payne, Paines, in the book Scott in the book very well laid out and easy to follow.  Here in may lay your brick wall.


  1. I have wondered if our Scott ancestors who I think are related to yours were part of the Lost Colony group, but don't know how to prove it. They are in Virginia so very early.

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