Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Pamphlets, Quarterlies and Magazines in Research Wed 6 to 8 pm

We will discuss the often forgotten but vital records that are found in pamphlets, quarterlies and magazines.

In the early years of genealogy, societies reprinted approved information to pass on to others in what is today called Quarterlies.  They are generally printed four times a year.  It was to share and entice you to learn more about the books available to you.  Books by far still hold the key to one's research.

It is with great sadness I see many Libraries removing these soft backed books from their files, thinking? there of little use. Many times these books carry more information than many other books on their shelves.

They need bound together with a firm back for each year produced.  Then they would have a solid back and not have to worry about falling apart. I personally have seen very few fall apart with intense
use.  Our librarian Bernice Heiter did this for us for a long time. This preserves all four in one binder and information can be retained.

Pamphlets are created when special events happen and data many times is highlighted and shown on them for people to utilize.  There was a time when a speakers hand out was automatically put in the file for a person to read when researching for information.  Handouts at monthly meetings qualify for this area. Seminar hand outs also qualify. Have you ever read a Syllabus from the Pasadena Jamboree?

Magazines, of course we know magazines have information for us to utilize. New England Historical Genealogical Society's monthly is excellent, Family Tree magazine, National Genealogical Society Magazine, etc.  Many ethnic societies have magazines filled with information that we can and should be looking at.

Ethnic magazines may hold more clues for you than normal if your stuck. Many Surnames crossed over in ethnicity.  O yes, they did.  When doing One Name Studies you can learn that the name in German and English and Dutch and Swiss can be same or different. Some names change dramatically in migration, sometimes deliberately some times not planned.

Come enjoy the friendship of other genealogists and share information  6 to 8 pm Wednesday 16 July 2014 at the Lemon Grove Library.  3001 School Lane, Lemon Grove, CA across from the fire department.

Park in the school parking lot if no room out front.

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