Sunday, July 13, 2014

Michigan Research Magnified.

Here is a picture of the Michigan State Library and Archives and Museum.

I love going to this site for learning information on Michigan and eastern coast states.

Having been one of those that wrote to ask them to keep it open I am most grateful.





For San Diego Residents
LDS has available these topics and  lists of books in Mission Valley, CA.

Biography 8, Almanac 1, Cemeteries 2, Census  4,
Church history 3, Directories 3, Emigration 1, Gazetteer 1, Genealogy 5, History 19, Immigration 5,   

Indians 1, Maps 9,
Migration 2, Military 7, Periodicals 13, Schools 3,  Surnames 1, Vital Records 2.

I did not do a survey of the microfilms these are only reflecting the amount of book information is available for your researching. Nor am I mentioning the Microfish available for research.  

Remember the  bulk of information is written and not on the internet.

Use books more for answers.

Michigan Genealogical Council  
c/o P.O. Box 80953 
Lansing, MI 48908-0953

Use the favorite sources you use for other places for Michigan Research. Do not forget to use and, is also still alive just attached to Ancestry.  Their lists are awesome for use.

A favorite place to go. The service and people are awesome both at our local FHC or Michigan State Archives.  

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