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Having decided if you can not break through a brick wall maybe we should try going over one.

See that balloon way up high in the sky.  It prompted me to have a few stray thoughts about

Maybe we should do more than cluster research, and direct line and collateral line research.  Yes, I am saying that with clarity of mind.

Having one fact that we feel was true and non biased, I have decided to jump over all the other data.

Going back to a Dr. George Schweitzer moment.  That old fashioned draw a circle around the point of known. Work out from the center.  Only I had already done that so taking that circle and worked from the other end. finding some intriguing information.  I suspect we just did not draw the circle out far enough for the time frame we were looking in.

We also were following the family stories not facts.  O yes, write those stories down but then  you have to prove them.

At least information on the names were found.  Many collateral married into surnames were also found.

Going back to the development of the state, re aligning what town was in what county at that time (meaning year).

Some of the pieces seem to be falling in alignment with what we have known as possible fact.

Hoping to find and dig into a Churches records if they still exist.  It will involve three of them.
Two of the same faith, one separate faith, but faiths of people changed according to what pastor was available in what area for people to profess their faith.

Their was also traveling Ministers at times through out the early part of our country.

Overlapping the more current county for the past county, and the county even before helps to see how the boundary may have moved but the person may not have moved far. Or they may have jumped for miles.  We must keep an open mind.  We have trouble doing that, yes we do.

We need to look at what was happening in that area when they lived there.  Were they building a canal, running barges up and down a river, working coal mines, or other mines?  The economy of an area had
a lot to do with what our ancestors did.

Can you imagine changing from a successful Miller to a Farmer for your families sake? With the rumor your father was a Doctor/Dentist?  That both your father and grandfather were Rev War Veterans. They run wagons with supplies for the troops. Family story.

So jump over the brick wall, branch out and see what you may find. I started with just the surname, then the area, you can too.

John H Myers b 09 Dec 1809 Harrisburg, PA, Death 23 Aug 1865 in Troy Grove, LaSalle, ILL

Moved to Perry County, PA and married Sarah Elizabeth "Jane" Foulk,  Some of family is buried in church yard behind where they were married.  Later they moved to Illinois. He was only there a few years before he died. At this time his children had started scattering and had to come home for the funeral.

IN BIBLE,( not printing rest of what was in Bible.)
Fathers name was Valentine Myers
Grandfathers name was Phillip Myers

Supposedly, Phillip came to USA as a child with his father Valentine Myers, from Swiss German border. Have data can not prove it is our Phillip.

Sarah Elizabeth "Jane" Foulk,    John's wife b 28 July 1813 Fishing Creek Valley, Rye Township, Perry Co. PA   died 21 March 1860 Troy Grove, La Salle Co. ILL.

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  1. OK I am told this is William Foulk and his wife.