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Ohio Research Sources and Clues

The information gathered here in shows some of the sources that  can be found at the Mission Valley LDS Library and other Libraries. It also shows some places to research on line and should help
expand your research knowledge.

Ohio Research is much like most of our states. 
It is not a Commonwealth.
Most of their set up and rules follows the basics set by previous states.

They do not have a Prothonotary Office as Pennsylvania does. Those records stand alone.

The Prothonotary is the Chief Clerk and Recordkeeper for all filings related to Civil Cases. The Office is located in the County Courthouse.

There are many great resources for this state. I am a member of the OGS. Ohio Genealogical Society. They are very helpful, courteous and generous with their assistance. 

Ohio has 88 Counties, if I counted correctly. 

The LDS Library in Mission Valley has some very interesting books to help Ohioans find their families.8
Having gone through the card catalogue I found approximately 200 books on file for you to look at and gain information.

Starting with this one.

Ohio archives. County by county in Ohio genealogy   PETA 977.1. A3k

Cards on file

6 Archives, 1Atlas, 12 Biography, 1 Cemetery rec,  11 Census, 3 Vital Rec, 4 Church Records, 2 Court Rec,
1 Death Rec,   Ohio Crossroads of Our Nation. V 39  complete, 4 Directories, 3 Emigration,

Genealogy 15, Genealogy Sources 10, Gov 3, History  25, Immigration 8, Indians 1, Inventory 4,
Land Records 3, L n P 973,0 R2s. v.1,    14;
Maps 22,  Migration 975.55 W2e. V 1, 30,

 Newspapers. 2, Periodicals  24,  Pioneer Women 2, Probate Records 2, Societies 1, Surnames  1,  
 Taxes 3, Vital Records 26
Last card was this one which is for Westmoreland Co. PA. 

Ohio vital records 974.881 V2fiv.1 Westmoreland  Co   M & D. 1818- 1865.   Iscrupe, W & Della R Fischer
M & D from weekly paper 314 p index




Name Search   ohio public records

The state of Ohio has a total of 88 counties. Adams County was the first county established in the state. It was established on July 10th, 1797.

MANY of your urls for general research can be applied to Ohio. Find A Grave, Dead Fred, ( do not forget to  go in and leave your current email before they close the communication part of this site).

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