Thursday, June 12, 2014

Iowa and Illinois Research Bonita-Sunnyside Library

14 June 2014 at the Bonita-Sunnyside Library   1 to 3:30 pm

4375 Bonita Rd., Bonita, CA

 Presented by Susi Pentico

Iowa and Illinois Research

Digging into  more States and learning more places to look and things to see and never leave the county.

Taking time to visit the FHC in Mission Valley Wednesday, I was able to garner 9 pages of
information regarding these states and I did not garner it all.

A kind gentleman put some data on a Thumb for me to present also to those who attend this meeting.

Have you gone to visit this library in Mission Valley?  Have you visited our library here in Chula Vista?  How many books have you picked up and read regarding the area and times that your ancestors lived in?  How many libraries in our community have you been in and found interesting books to assist you in research?  Remember I said, if you were local citizen, Imperial Beach Library has much data covering the early development of our area.

Having had some very interesting discussions with some good researchers we formed a consensus of opinion.   O yes, we should not have done that.

If you started your research when computers were not around you were familiar with going to a library, any library and going to the (history section) and delving into what they may have held on the shelf
regarding your area of research.  Sometimes they would inter library loan a book or two for you.

Our thoughts, it better prepared us for doing research, it gave us a better background on what our ancestors lived through and had to deal with as they survived the times. We also became accustomed to going to a library to garner information and not set in front of a screen hunting for something that may not be there.

Sources will never all be on line, it is just not a practical.  We are well blessed with the sources that are on line, as we are always wishing for more. Yes, I too wish for more.

The ( more) sets in our libraries, here, next door, across the county line, in another state etc, libraries hold much of the key to our answers. Those books are setting there waiting to tell you a story.

Saturday you will be exposed to the topics, and titles and themes that the FHÇ Library holds for the above named states.

Beginners will delight in the check lists of what to look for first, and always start with what is at home.

Advanced will be reminded of some topics they may have forgotten.

Looking forward to seeing you Saturday afternoon.

Also remember much data is the same for each state except when a Commonwealth State. Data can be applied to almost any state in general terms.

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