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More IOWA Information

Always my favorite place to start is .

We are so lucky both these states have been updated and kept in good shape though they need help with many counties.

My family in the not far distant pass came from Iowa and much current family still lives there.

My hope this next trip is to visit their archives in Des Moines.

Most of my husband’s family still is here, enjoying the snow and grumbling at the lack of rain in the summer.   HA HA HA

I have many 2nd cousins that reside in this state. Soy Beans and
Corn and Hogs and Cattle and Chickens are very prevalent there.

The Ledges is a beautiful park. The longest rail bridge is in this state.  It is also the highest.

It is a state of flat land, man does it have lots of that for the corn and beans and other grains they grow. The southwest corner is a bit craggly and filled with many ravines.   There is a good chance the nw is the same.  The eastern seems mostly grain fields.  I keep flying over this part.  

Lots of family down below I could wave to.

The picture above does not do the park justice, the  different color of the ledges is magnificent.

My husband was born in this county.  I have been to the Kate Shelly High Bridge in 1970.  IT is being replaced but still named the same.

Boone Historical Society and Museums.

click on this.

Being part of the Wisconsin Territory  when organized in 1836,  taken from  the Michigan Territory. 

More data here.

Birth Records were started in 1880 and marriage records very greatly.  Death records 1880 mostly but not always kept.

A neat feature for Iowa Genweb is the Lookup Cities and Towns. 

Another neat feature that cuts down my writing is the sourcing of links they provide on their site.

Genealogy Search Engines and  Category’s are here.

They still use the Books we  Own site for sharing knowledge. 

I have found much help using this site since the early 1990’s.

Locating cousins, close cousins, and many distant ones also.

Genealogy Search Engines
Libraries and Books
Maps and Geography
Vital Records
Volunteer Look-Ups and Professional Genealogists
Heritage & Cultural Centers
Other Iowa Genealogy Resources Lists.

               List of All RootsWeb Search Engines

               USGenWeb Project Home Page Search Engine

               Surname Helper—Search for a Surname

               Internet FamilyFinder—    ***
*** Ancestry dropping service of this site.                

They have a State Association for the Preservation of Iowa Cemeteries.

 message boards, bios, queries and documents.

 How about Bios of your ancestor?  That is a project they are doing.

 Join them and share an ancestors bio for future generations.

Drake University, many of my family went there and many of husbands’ family is going there.

There are many Universities and colleges that have data you can find and use.


Court House my Grandparents grew up with.

A lot of historical information off this site.


The Iowa Genealogical Society Surname Index A digital volume of volume 5 is available from the FHL Catalog entry.

State Historical Society of Iowa

State Historical Society of Iowa

Waterloo Courier   

Having gone to google and put in  Iowa Genealogical Societies
You  will come up with enough links to occupy you for a week to a month or year.

 A great book is the one written by George Schweitzer on Iowa research if you can find one. I believe he retired four or more years ago.

FHC Information on Books for Iowa

977.7  Clayton Library  Houston Public Library, Texas
977. 737  Waterloo Courier 6 vol.
Naf            29 Nov 1859 to 11 May 1865

929.273  Appanoose VR Ancestral TapestryV1b3     Gnacinska

929.273  Boone, Bremer, Blackhawk, Butler,      L86          Chickasaw

977.273   Iowa Floyd Military

977.783  History of Marion County, IA

929.273  Committee Review  Hamersby & Allied H179h     Families N

974.0    census
v6- v8

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