Thursday, June 19, 2014

Major Events Follow Up, Attendees Thoughts

You missed an interesting evening of discussing the research and development of a genealogist last evening.

We started with talking about a Beginners packet to not overwhelm the new member, no matter what level of knowledge they had.

We moved next to  the use of forms and then people.

People because they are the ones who encourage and share and propel you into the next level.

We talked about our local meetings, the reason for attending,  KNOWLEDGE.

We talked about stepping into the wide world and doing a Seminar.  More KNOWLEDGE, rubbing elbows with other local genealogists.

We then talked about JAMBOREE, which is the biggest event.  We talked of the pros and the cons of attending a Jamboree type event.  Obviously there are many, pros and cons for this topic.

Our new member went for the free day and exposure and even then felt overwhelmed.  I can admit my first Jamboree many years ago was more than overwhelming. Having done research for 40 years and the last 15 intensely. Having read the pre available paperwork, I was sure wanting to attend to gain more knowledge.  Also having attended the NGS held here in San Diego in 1995-6? was aware of the volume of foot traffic this would create. NO, the volume was much, much higher than our NGS.

The volume of people moving to and fro, the amount of topics and exposure to programs, was quite
an experience.  Fortunately, we went as a group so a familiar face would show up ever so often.
Yes, we branched out and took different classes, so we could share that knowledge back with each other afterwards.  A great way to do Jamboree or any major event is sharing.

You learn the topics you pick, you may not get to enjoy because so many have already entered the room.  You learn a topic you choose as an alternate was probably one of the best you attended.

You share information with others regarding the topics. EXPANDS OUR HORIZON'S

The cons tend to be the volume of people, the costs never stop, & which is the best, for what they are promoting for your needs.  Everyone's needs tend to be different. Ah, Choices.

One needs to take time between classes and assimilate what you have learned. Not letting it get befuddled with the next topic before you move on.  Class after class I think is very hard and if they maybe could put like topics maybe back to back at least it would feed off each other.

Wondering about having a topic and then a break period to discuss the topic among the attendees. Our brain probably would retain it tighter.  My first day I wore myself out trying to attend all the marked sessions I wanted.  The next day I backed off and chose much more wisely at what I wanted to participate in learning more about. Spending time with members in the Exhibit Hall with various groups asking questions about their products or societies.  That was very beneficial because some societies fees are a bit higher than others. I tried hands on experiences with various genealogical programs with that groups assistance.  That told me if it was something I could handle or what I would not use with comfort.

Yes, I was many years younger than now when I attended my first Jamboree.
 More to come on this topic.

Would love to hear feedback on your pros and cons of a large event.

For those not in the know Jamboree, has National known speakers from all over the world. People come from hundreds of miles away, countries away. the foot traffic is huge, the knowledge back is overwhelming but productive. It can be exhausting if one does not pace ones self, which causes you to loose the sharpness you need to retain what you went there to get.

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