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Why the History, Why the Dragging of Feet? A Brain Thing?

Why the History, Why the Dragging of Feet? A Brain Thing?

As I am out wandering the US of A, I have met some neat travelers with some awesome thoughts.

Coming home, missing Jamboree and gleaning for more ideas, something smacked me in the brain.

Judy Russell today posted about the History of the Laws of Vermont that is credited to Fieldstone Common by Marian Pierre-Louis post.  Reference point was a book that helps us understand the laws of the land in one area of research, ie Vermont.  Thank You both for the brain jog.

 Please go to their sites for more data. I will post at the end because this is only part of what I wanted to discuss, but a large part of what, as genealogists, many are missing.

Having a firm belief that History can be taught via Genealogy and then the student will remember it better and can apply to their own being.  At one time we had a teacher at our local high school that did this and everyone loved his classes.  We lost him years ago to another venue but each of our grandsons that were exposed to him still are interested in history.

Case in point regarding self. One of the items we had to do in History, my Senior Year 1958, was to write a report about a Major Battle during the Civl War.  Ironic how the wheel spins, I choose a Murfeesboro, (Stone River Tenn. Battle).  At that time, I did not know my Great Grandfather survived the battle and he lost his brother in the battle.  My Grandfather knew and was alive but I learned to late to have that affect my report.

The story I learned was one of great courage by many people of all colors. I would say at the time Color was not a matter, life and death took precedence.  Unable to fathom the difference, a more personal report may have made my grade and affected my direction sooner. I wish I had known this information. My goal was to be a Teacher and History and Social Studies was my dream. If not I wanted to be a reporter of the current life we lived in. Still it is all Historical related to life.

Having always been interested in History,  I could have shown a picture, his medals, his unit and more about the family. Map of where it took place and more than just the importance of the battle.

So having said that, why are we dragging feet to read a history book about an area, the development of the area, the affects the changes in our country had on the area. Whether it be an Indian War, Government Changes,  New Roads Created, Towns and Villages developed and settled, etc.  These things all affected our ancestors and the potential or non potential for records to be created or kept.

Having said that, here is hoping more people will read more history of the region they are researching and figure how it applied to their own kin. Many times clues to the brick walls lay within these pages.

Are we fearing Brain Overload? What a great way to apply history to our past, our personal past.

FC 92 Uncommon Law with Paul Gillies | Fieldstone CommonFieldstone Common

The Legal Genealogist: Listen to this!

Thanks for both articles and reminding me that I was thinking of writing about History books.

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