Thursday, October 22, 2009

WILLIS ADAM TWAY, Whom are his parents?


b 2 June 1857

Information I have: Family Records say father Levi TWAY (his father Nathaniel b. 1798 mother Sophia Burton Salmon well referenced histories of early settlers to Fayette Co, Ohio) Sophia's father Solomon Salmon appears to have come to Ohio at the same time as Nathaniel's father John Tway b. in NJ, 1753 fought in Rev. War.

mother-- Catherine M.GLAZE from 1860 census Union, Fayette Co. age given 33 must have been born 1827.

She is on this census living with the Adam GLAZE m. Lucy (Baughn) their children (Elizabeth, Christina, Drusilla, Mary E., Melinda E. Felix C.)1850 census shows them with a Catherine 2 years older than Elizabeth 13, 11) She would have been b. 1836/37
Willis Adam TWAY age 3 is there also.

From another source Catherine b. 18 Mar 1837 m. Jacob FULTZ 22 April 1862 had 9 children
1870 census Jefferson, Fayette Co.

July 1858 A brief court record: Catherine M. GLAZE of Fayette Co. married Feb. 19,1857 Levi TWAY of same county. Was abandoned June 16, 1857.

On June 2, 1857 she gave birth to a child begotten by Levi TWAY before their marriage and two weeks later
he took her and the child to her father's. Levi says the child was begotten by Isaac GLAZE while married to
her. (Isaac GLAZE son of Benjamin m. Martha DURHAM) I couldn't find anything saying he might have married a Catherine as this wording seems to suggest) if so who is this Catherine!!

Family records say she later married A.C. Lindsey and had children Dora , Cora, and Sarah. (This is also a statement about Catherine GLAZE daughter of Benjamin m. to Sarah CORE ch. John C., Solomon, Benjamin, Isaac, Catherine.

No further census records have been found showing Willis Adam with any of the Catherines until he is an adult and married to Mary Athelia MELSON.

A child of George GLAZE (m. to Mary Turnipseed first and then to Catherine Turnipseed) child CatherineGLAZE m. Christopher CORE, 29 Oct. 1824 Fayette Co.

Other Catherine GLAZEs 1850 census w/ Jane 41 dau. Catherine age 14 sons John 24, Willis 16 George 23, 1850 census Martin GLAZE age 51 m.Maria dau, Catherine 18, (b1832) , Catherine of Preble OH, m. Joseph Geeting, 1851, Catherine C. m. John Hines Limestone, AR 1837, Catherine m. Thos.Hughes 1853, Catherine A. m. Michael Moudary 1867 Vermilion Co.. IN, Catherine A. F. m Daniel Snyder 1846 Washington Co. MD

Info I've uncovered about Levi TWAY
Born 1832 ( 9 Oct, my family record says (but I've also seen 2 June and don't know if that is another Levi)
1870 census has Levi age 36 m. Hattie A. (I think this is Harriet GARR) with sons Thos.P (Perry) age 5
and Edward B (Burton) age 8 mo. in Middletown, Jefferson, KY (These sons names fit with other TWAY and GLAZE family names)
1880 census - Levi age 47 m. Catherine age 36 sons Thos. Perry15, Burton Edward 10. San Saba, TX. This appears to be a railroad town he is listed as dry goods-grocer.
1860 he was in IN as a boarder stock (cattle) broker. /which fits with family occupations.
1881 another son born Robert Chester



  1. Arlene,

    Your post is way too confusing for me to make any sense out of it. Please put it in some sort of order so that we can understand the names, dates, places, relationships and sources you've used. Use a timeline and/or a descendants report that clarifies who the "players" are in this drama.

    The biographical sketch of Willis A. Tway on page 499 in the book "The County of Highland: a History of Highland County..." by J.W. Klisa and A.E. Hough published 1902 (available on Google Books - search for ["levi tway" willis] offers a fairly simple explanation of the situation and Willis's ancestry, including his mother's siblings. Is that not correct? If it isn't correct, how do you know? What sources do you have? What evidence have you collected?

    The court record is an original source with primary information - it provides a marriage date for Levi and Catherine, a birth date for young Willis and a place, and the statement that Isaac Glaze was the father (was he a cousin to Catherine?) - this is direct evidence and is the best evidence you have listed. There may be a subsequent court record telling Isaac Glaze, or his family, to pay support to Catherine after Levi left them. Isaac can be the father without being married to Catherine. The way it reads is that Isaac impregnated Catherine before Levi's marriage to her and he is embarrassed and damaged. There may be county civil court records with more hearings and findings.

    Have you found probate and land records for the Glaze family in the places they lived, or the Tway family in places that Levi lived? Probate and land records may name Willis as an heir.

    What happened to Isaac Glaze? Did he marry, buy land, live a good life, perhaps he left a will that mentions his son Willis Tway. Or not. You never know what you're going to find.

    From your description, it is logical that Levi Tway ran off from Catherine and little Willis as you surmise and had another family that show up in later census records, as you seem to have found.

    Cheers -- Randy

  2. I have a marriage date for Catherin Glaize and Levi Tway of 19 Feb 1857. I also have an 1870 census with Levi married to a Hattie with two boys: Thomas b 1865 and Edward Burton b 1869. They were living in Middletown, Jefferson, Kentucky in 1870.