Friday, October 23, 2009

PHILIP ELLER from Germany

Philip ELLER was born in Germany region 1830 area of HESSE.
Naturalization 29 Oct 1860 sponsor was Simon APPLEMAN

1870 census North East, PPA

Philip 40 farmer, Mary 38, born Germany, Michael 14, Jacob 10, Henry D. 8 born PA

1880 Venango, Eire Co., PA
same but all ten years older.

1900 Erie PA
Philip 76

My GGrandfather Henry D, Sept 1867 ., Minnie, Dec 1868, Farmers.

1910   Erie ward 6 Erie Pa

Levi  1891, Cleveland 1893, John 1897, Bert Oct 11,1899,
Gussie, Adie, Arron, Harrietta, George
My grand parents
Bert Eller Oct 11 1899, - 1978 Martha Nichols Jan 1899- 1968     Eller Lane Erie,Pa
Lloyd, Guerden, Henry and Frank (aka Peanuts)
I've looked on Family Search, and Heritage quest on
Thank you, Patricia

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  1. Hi Patricia,

    What is it you want to know about this family? You didn't state a goal and it's difficult to discern what it is you are seeking.

    If it is about Philip Eller's birthplace in Germany, have you looked for and found a newspaper obituary (in English or in German) in the place he died, a death certificate,a gravestone or cemetery record? They might identify a birthplace and birth date.

    Is there an article in one of the county histories for Philip or one of his children?

    Have you seen The Eller Chronicles for May 2008 which lists some Ellers in Erie County PA with a birthplace in Hessen? See on page 13. Is the Philip Eller born 1824 died 1910 your guy? He might be, even though the birth year may seem wrong ... have you investigated him?

    You found a naturalization record - what does it say? Have you found any immigration records? They might have come in through Canada or New York. Does the naturalization record or the census records list an immigration year? Have you traced Simon Appleman to see if he was a family member or friend?

    I would look for a probate record and land records for Jakob Eller of Erie County PA to see if he mentions his son Philip or gives him land. Likewise for the children of Jakob and Julianna Eller - find their probate, land, obituaries, etc. records - they may mention Philip and his family.

    Little if any of what I've suggested can be found online. You will have to write to an Erie County genie society, or order records from the LDS Family History Library, to make much headway on this problem.

    Good luck -- Randy