Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ancestor Seekers by the Root Bound

It appears we are off the ground. This will be the home of the Lemon Grove Library Researchers on the internet. We are an informal group that meets twice a month to work on genealogy for people whom live in Lemon Grove and surrounding areas.

We have a list of 24 people that at one time or another attend these discussion/learning sessions.

We will be doing blog queries of the most Elusive Ancestors to start this blog. We will then move into adding surnames they are also researching besides the Elusive ones. We hope this will be fun. We hope we get responses and help and can move right along in our research.


  1. Today I will share some urls I located when doing follow up research for the talk Rita shared with me on Surnames. My talks are on floppy cd's and I can't access them now. Maybe some day have enough to do a book. After 8 + years on Golden Gate Forum as host in five chats.

    The site is full of basic information that may lead you in the correct direction when lost.


    This site is more intense and but very informative.


    I believe at this site you can probably designate any country for informational data on a surname. I did German and Scotch and both came up. It is part of the above site but covers language changes.