Thursday, October 22, 2009

Timothy DAVIES--Wales ** William THOMAS -- Wales

Timothy DAVIES, my great,great,great grandfather on my father's side of the family is my "brickwall". (Actually one of many that stare up at me from the chart. He and his wife, Jemina ANTHONY do not have dates and locations.

I can only suspect they've stayed in Wales forever and that the dates of their living started in the early to middle portion of the 1700's.
So far I can't locate many ancestors that came before this generation on my Father's side but on my Mother's side, there is one earlier, except maybe the Glardons in France and the Mortasheds from Ireland.(My mother's side of the family.)

"In the meantime", Timothy Davies and Jemima Davies had a daughter ELINER, whom married a man named William THOMAS, and was from Wales as well. Eliner (1796-1870) and William came to Ohio and became parents to Timothy THOMAS (1815-1887). Living mostly in Indiana after being born in Wales.

I can only guess that Timothy THOMAS came to the United States as a 2 year old, as a pioneer resident of Dearborn Co. Indiana, he was included in a genealogy type book that I found in the SDGS Library. Tmothy Thomas married Mary Ellen Davis which lived between 1826-1923. her family from Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio., So Timothy & Mary Ellen had children. among them was my grandfather GEORGE THOMAS who was born in 1862 and with his 2nd wife Rosa had my father. the youngest of the brood. PAUL LESTER THOMAS who was born a year before George (his father) drowned in the WhitewaterFlood of 1913.

Generally speaking these states concern the early new comers: Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and Alabama.


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