Thursday, October 22, 2009

Robert to Thomas DUNLAP in Pennsylvania

When I retired in 2002 I made it my goal to find out about my great
grandmother. I knew her name was Elizabeth and was always told she
was born in Ireland. I have her spinning wheel and a charcoal
portrait of her and my great grandfather.

I got on the internet and very soon found an unknown cousin who had
researched the family and knew that her maiden name was DUNLAP and
that she was born in Pa rather than Ireland. He also said her
father's name was Robert DUNLAP. He had no other information.
For seven years I have been trying to find out when he came to the
US, when he was born and where in Ireland he was born.

The facts I know are: he was in Westmoreland Co., Pa in 1826 when
my great grandmother was born. His wife'e name was also Elizabeth.
He owned a farm somewhere in Westmoreland Co and he died in 1841.
I can find him in the 1830 and 1840 Pa census.

Robert and Elizabeth had seven children: Elizabeth born 1826 (my great grandmother),
Thomas Jr., Rosanna, Margaret Jane, Gillis, Nancy and Mary.

I have a copy of his Will which was written 4 June 1839 and was proved 22 Nov 1841.
I think his parent's names were
Thomas and Sarah. My cousin got all this info from court records in Westmoreland Co.

Looking for proof of Thomas and Sarah as parents of Robert.


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