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As I  was wandering around the  neighborhood, I stumbled onto this site.  It answered many questions that have
been bouncing in my head since Grand Rapids, Mi Conference and Ft. Wayne adventure.

A speaker though right now I am not sure which one was reinforcing to step out of our cirlcles  and  find new ways to do research.
It was mentioned that Libraries at Colleges and Universities can often immensely help our research.

I also mentioned at the end of talk that  National Archives and State Archives are great.

So I decided to check out a possiblity.  
Since I have a relative that died  in WVA in the last 20 years I was wondering what I may find.

I am sharing the link with you and hope you have as much succes as I have had so far.

I see a lending library and all sorts of information beyond what I was expecting.

So WVA is part of old Va you may want to keep that in mind while you are researching.

Pre Civil War it fell under Virginia a very early Colony for our ancestors.


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