Friday, June 29, 2018

My Heritage News-European Distribution Center for DNA Kits

Dear Susi,
One more announcement from us just before we hit the weekend, that we thought you might want to share with your followers!
We are happy to announce that, in order to keep up with the high demand for MyHeritage DNA kits in Europe, we have just opened a new distribution center in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

MyHeritage DNA is offered in more languages than any other DNA service — and is sold in almost every country worldwide. MyHeritage is now known among family history enthusiasts as the leading DNA service in Europe and as the best choice for European DNA matching, enabling users to find relatives in Europe through shared DNA. It is the ideal DNA testing service for people seeking to find their relatives in Europe, and for people in the USA and the rest of the world whose ancestors originated from Europe. 
Blaine Bettinger, the founder of the popular Genetic Genealogy Tips & Techniques group on Facebook said:
"MyHeritage's European focus brings in some of the best European matches. This enables people in Europe and those with European heritage to find valuable new information. I have matches on MyHeritage I didn't get anywhere else."
As the market leader in Europe, the demand for MyHeritage DNA test kits in the region continues to grow rapidly. We have seen a 450% increase in DNA kit sales across Europe in the first five months of 2018.
Until now, DNA kits ordered by European customers were processed by the MyHeritage DNA fulfilment center in the U.S. Thanks to the opening of the new distribution center, these kits are now being shipped directly from Europe, shortening lead and transit times. Delivery time across Europe via standard shipping now takes less than a week and in some cases much less time (for example, 2-day delivery to the Netherlands and Belgium, 3–5 days to Germany and Denmark). Expedited shipping is also available, with next-day delivery for orders made before 1 p.m. and 2-day delivery for all others.
Shipping costs to Europe are now much lower for consumers than before.
The new distribution center covers most countries in Europe, except Poland, where MyHeritage DNA kits are not sold, and non-EU countries Norway and Switzerland, which are still served from MyHeritage’s fulfillment center in the USA. In the future, the new distribution center will also collect DNA samples sent back by European customers, and rush them to the MyHeritage DNA lab in the USA.
Opening the new European distribution center is the latest in our ongoing efforts to meet the growing global demand and to get DNA kits faster to our users, so that they can get their results sooner.
Please find more information here: and feel free to use the image above on your social media channels.
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Daniel Horowitz
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