Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Already Conference is Paying Off.


  Yes, already the knowledge from the Grand Rapids, Mi Conference is paying off.

This evening I took some information from a couple of talks and applied it to my FTDNA site for family members.  

Having found 4,  2nd cousins and 4,  4th cousins I would say that was pretty terrific.  Greene Co. PA hello again.

I also applied these thought processes to my JONES files and found two links to the lineage and wrote to them.  It is nice when things come together.

Sure the event was not near home but it was great to introduce my daughter in law to a Conference and to learn and listen to the other side of the world on how they relate to research.

Some time back a distant cousin shared a talk with me and I noticed it was different. I am so thankful  having had the chance to go to Grand Rapids and meet a couple cousins, Hug a few cousins we already knew of and learn so much great new concepts for research.

The pity is being west with heritage from the east it is a different ball game. If  you have west heritage then your research base is already here and built for you. You just may not know it.

Tomorrow evening we meet at the Lemon Grove Library and I will be sharing more of these methods of though we were exposed to.

6 to 7:50 pm..

O I should share I just signed up for a Webinar with NEHGS  for Early Vermont Settlers for June 21, at 1 pm .. says 3 to 4 eastern   I think it should say 12.  We are three hours different. This one is Free.

Last Chance to Register
Upcoming Webinar—Watch from Home!

Thursday, June 21, 2018 Thursday, June 21, 2018, 3:00–4:00 PM EDT
Presented by Scott Andrew Bartley, Lead Genealogist of Early Settlers of Vermont to 1784 Study Project
Free and open to the public
Call 617-226-1226 or email education@nehgs.org.

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