Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Educational Report by Susi

8 June 2018 Educational Report

Two Scholarships were given out in May to a Student at
Otay Ranch High School and Hilltop High School.
The Scholarships were given to Virginia so she has their names.

Ceasar C presented the $250 at Hilltop his Alma Mater. 
Ralph Munoz gave the $500 to Otay Ranch.  Thank you to all who 
helped cover these events that occurred at the same time.

I understand Gary Brock covered Saturday's event at Bonita-Sunny Library.
Cancelled the Lemon Grove meeting due to being away.

Having attended the Grand Rapids NGS Seminar, much information was garnered
and will be shared over the next few months and in reports to the newsletter.
It was a great event in a great setting, next to the Grand River.

The President Ford Museum was across the river and was our one night event attended.

Talked with many people whom we know and many we have never met.  Mr. Olson sent 
a program for Randy to use and talk about or for the society to use as a raffle item. Thank 
you Mr. Olson.  He now with Family Tree Maker.

Attended 9 topic events and will share this also as time allows.  We split some events and so
we can share more data with you.  The keynote speaker was absolutely Awesome.  
I met his niece several years ago at the Lemon Grove Library.  Was nice to meet him, also
John Phillip Colletta,Ph.D  FUGA. He talked about the creating and use of the Erie Canal.
A full presentation will be hopefully in newspaper. Having attended two of his sessions, he is 
funny and so informative at the same time.

The next NGS will be in St Charles, MO  22-5 August 2019.  

The International German Genealogy Conference, "Strike It Rich! with Connections 2 Discoveries"  15-17 June 2019 
Saturday, Sunday and Monday  --- Hyatt Regency Hotel, Sacramento, Ca.
Local host: Sacramento German Genealogy Society--     Hashtag: #IGGC19   Facebook: IGGPartnership  International German 
Genealogical Partnership

After son was injured cancelled homecoming but waiting on results gave Elizabeth Pentico, a member of society,  and I a chance to go to Ft. Wayne, Indiana and enjoy the Genealogical Library.  

I brought back nine flyers with urls and book lists for these nine states to share with society.
We were able to break some of her brick wall we have worked on for 3 years. 
Being able to get copies of the Beekman Patent papers needed for about 4 year, brought about 
a terrific conversation with their Head Librarian.  Well share more on that later also.

Flyers are for: New York, Ohio, Maine, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Virginia, Wyoming.
The have for each state and I am sure we can acquire other ones if requested.  Very nice Library, 
my second trip there. 

Stopping here and will share with Randy so the society can get the information via newsletter and 
our Saturday and Wednesday evening events. 

Thank You.

June 20  Lemon Grove Review of  Grand Rapids Seminar, covering some vital topics we have not 
broached before.  6 to 8 pm

July 7 Bonita-Sunnyside Library  "What They Drank and How It Affects 
Your Genealogy"    1 to 4 pm.

If wanting more data on files please contact me.   The Conference also has live streaming of many talks. I hope to get posted soon.

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