Monday, February 16, 2015

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I found this to be something you all may like to read.

10 sources to try and wonder how many you have really tried. I found two that I have not been aware of.  At least one I vaguely remember and just forgot about how about you?

I have known Cindi from Cindi's list for more than 20 years. I remember when she started.
I struggle using the site because it is so huge.  It has many avenues of research for all to try.

Most of us have heard of Nice article here.

Archives is new to me, Do read the article.

National Archives most of us are aware of.

My favorite of all time USGENWEB.ORG, and  are my two, go to sites first.
I think it helps beginners become familiar with the area they are researching with the types of data displayed on it's pages.

Access Genealogy, I surely must have heard of this but forgotten it, since it has been on line as long as I have.  Check it out. Read about it on this blog page they wrote.

Genealogy Today interesting information from free to a very nominal fee. Under $5.00

Olive Tree Genealogy, shame on me for leaving this one out. I am sure it  is on my older computer and at one time was well used.

And Family Tree Searcher, makes ten sites for you all to play with and find new information.

Enjoy.  A great article bringing back to life sources, my world had forgotten.

Do you have a favorite source maybe to share for searching?

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