Thursday, February 19, 2015

Facebook Pages I like

 I am going to post some of the societies and groups that are on Facebook that you can probably enjoy and learn a lot by joining.

Under Pennsylvania I have many: Berks County Genealogy, Dauphin County, Greene Connections,
Lehigh County Genealogy, Clearfield County, Allegheny Co. PA, etc.

Now for  New York: Washington Co. New England Genealogical Society, NGS and others

There are pages for Maine, Cherokee,  Massachusetts,  California, Maryland and more

There are surname Facebook pages: some are private some are open.  There are heritage sites,

Clan Scotland, and other ethnic groups that are very interesting.

Belong to several surname sites, computer sites, & House of Plantagenets.

If you have not tried these cool places you are in for a treat.

 I just put in the state and genealogy and see what comes up. Sometimes people will refer you to sites also.

(99) Greene Connections   I have much kin on this site as do others from our society if they would look.

(99) Pejepscot Genealogy Society  good information for this area of Maine.

(99) earlyMaine Genealogy

(98) FamilyHart's Frederick County MD Genealogy

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