Thursday, February 26, 2015

Italian Research, Are You Looking Here?

Italian Research  by Susi

Are you looking at traveling to learn more about your family History?  If so you may want to attend the talk on Preparing for Your Research Trip being given this Saturday in Encinitas, CA at Borellli's Rest.

This should be a helpful chat about what to be prepared for, what you need to do ahead of time, since preparation is the biggest key  to a successful adventure, whether it is in Italy, Germany or England or your library in the state of your ancestors home.

A two page hand out about where to look, the forms that help keep you focused on your research successes and finds. Not every find is positive but it can be a marker for moving forward to learn more.

So it is not a negative just a step in the right direction, you may have to turn left and go down the road to another church or to get court records but preparation can help with mapping out your adventure so the most success comes from your endeavors.

Did you know Italy is like a baby country?  The new Kingdom of Italy, established in 1861, quickly modernized and built a large colonial empire, colonizing parts of Africa, and countries along the Mediterranean. 
Yes it has had people in and out and in charge and out of power for eons.  Starting about 43,000 years ago according to scientists. 
 In 1946, as a result of a Constitutional Referendum, the monarchy was abolished.[1] The new republic was proclaimed on 2 June 1946.  A very young country and that is why there seems to have been major strife in almost all areas of Italy of today.  Italians looked forward to coming to the USA for a better chance at life. Hopefully you watched the show on TV last week about the Italian American's.

There is actually a lot of factual data posted on this site, you may want to read.
History of Italy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Flag of Italy.svgItalian flag

 1.     Italian Genealogy |

More to come after presentation.

This is in honor of the Italian neighbors I grew up with as a child in Valley Ford, California.
I learned to speak much of it but not being near the language for years I am totally void of it but a very few words.  

Would love to find the recipe Papa Bordessa made of pigeon breasts poached in wine sauce 
served on toast on special occasion breakfasts or dinner. His daughter never learned it.
 Surnames: Mazzuchi, Casselli, Romellli, Del Curto, Dinnucci, Braga, Merga, Poncia, 
Morelli (Swiss Italian) Bianchi, Tomasi, Bordessa, Illia and many others.  

I worked at the Dinnucci's as a waitress for a year while husband was overseas. 
Many Presidents ate at this facility.  Always said I was going to write a book about the town and it's people. It was started but is still not finished.

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  1. Be aware that this event is filled. Thanks, a great group to belong to.