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Mississippi Research Sources, Unusual But Important

 Mississippi was approached with a different prospective.

 Having heard many talks and reading many blogs,  checking many sites and sources,
it was felt, research needs looked at in a different light.

 Tackling historical references, timelines and history, attaching it to your research, to fill in the blanks and to find the clues that are missing.  This applies to all states, in fact, but you will have to find this information for the state your looking in.

Learning the history of the state or region your doing research, will open doors and will help you find clues you are missing.

 Here is some Mississippi Information and Southern Information to help researchers.

By Susi P.


2013-02-05. "Chickasaw Chiefs and Prominent Men". Mississippi
Genealogical & Historical Research. Retrieved 2013-02-05. Dr. W.A.
Evans, Aberdeen Examiner
13 KB (1,459 words) - 13:41, 6 November 2014,_Mississippi
  • Choctaw name. means Deer River, First inhabitants.

The comments on slavery will take your breathe away.

Issaquena County is notable for its participation in slavery. In 1860,
92.5% of Issaquena County's total population were enslaved people,
the highest concentration anywhere in the United States.[9] The U.S.
Census for that year showed that 7,244 slaves were held in
Issaquena County, and of 115 slave owners, 39 held 77 or more
slaves.[10] Dr. Stephen Duncan of Issaquena County held 858 slaves,
second only to Joshua John Ward of South Carolina.[11] This large
"value of slave property" made Issaquena County the second richest
in the nation, with "mean total wealth per freeman" at $26,800 in
1860.[12] By 1880—just 15 years after the abolition of slavery—the

county had developed "a strong year-round market for wage labor",
and Issaquena was the only county in Mississippi to report "no
sharecropping or sharerenting whatsoever".[12]
Important to read and understand this time line.

similar database but worth going through.

sites unusual:,,,,


Mississippi State Archives varies agencies.

This page has much on the State Archives Records.

Films, digital, books,maps, genealogy.

Off site research requests help:  State ArchivesMississippi Department of Archives and History

Do not forget to check out fraternal organizations. Church Affiliations, and Granges and
local meeting events for the time frame.  Church  groups were very important part of lives in this time period very early. site for Mississippi

Neighboring states:  Alabama, Louisana, Arkansas, Tennessee, and the Tennessee Records Repository has many records.

University Archives Division - Mississippi State University

  1. Mississippi - National Archives and Records Administration
    Records Projects. Mississippi Department of Archives and History, Jackson, MS $35,282 to support basic funding for the state historical records advisory board, ...

Mississippi USGenWeb Archives
Jan 29, 2012 ... Archives of Genealogy Records for the State of Mississippi.

Remember many times records are found next door, war caused many shifts in valuables, documents etc.

Hoping we are all beginning to look outside the box.  Check out these also.

 Very interesting that distant cousin Heather Wilkinson Rojo , (Nutfield Genealogy: 10 Unexpected Places to Find Family History Online), posted this.

Please enjoy this information and share with others. Susi C Pentico
Sources are listed as presented.

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